• Exopolysaccharide (EPS) are extracellular polymers that are weakly associated with the rhizobium cell surface and released into the surrounding environment.
• This extracellular matrix preforms a diverse range of functions which give the micro-organism an adaptive environmental advantage.
• MBFi has developed ultra inoculant containing proprietary EPS activation technology.

Protein Defence

Disease suppression by Priority is mediated through various modes of action. The active ingredient, T. asperellum, produces various proteins called enzymes that are involved in the degradation of phytopathogenic fungal cell walls, inhibition of phytopathogenic fungal growth, assist Trichoderma to colonise plant roots and trigger induced systemic resistance in plants.

Solid State Fermentation

At MBFi we utilize Solid-state fermentation (SSF) to produce high quality Trichoderma asperellum spores. SSF is an alternative method to submerged fermentation (SmF) to produce fungal spores and secondary metabolites. SSF possesses several biotechnological advantages above SmF, such as higher fermentation productivity, superior volumetric productivity of secondary metabolites (enzymes etc.), higher concentration of the end-product to facilitate recovery as well as extended stability of the product.

Genetic Expression Technology

GET – Genetic Expression Technology is a complex scientific approach consisting of bio-stimulants in researched quantities and formulas mixed with the correct complementing micro and macro nutrients the plants will require at certain growth stages. Certain nutrients are essential for genetic expression, for example zinc finger proteins that can control the expression of certain genes naturally present in the plant. The growth stage of the crop and the environment on the farm will determine the product used in a program. During the vegetative stage you need to ensure that your plant is balanced and you remove all manageable stress to maintain optimal growth rate and solid foundation for the reproductive stage. During the reproductive stage you need to make the plant manage the stress of creating flowers and the ultimately seed formation. Maximise the plant ability to be reproductive and expressing the yield functions in the plant.


Bacillus is one of the most resistant bacterial genera when in its dormant form, known as endospores. At MBFi we make use of a specialised liquid fermentation process that ensures that most of the vegetative cells that are produced convert to highly resistant endospores. The growth medium and process was especially developed as to allow for heightened production of a range of bio-active compounds, resulting in a product that is not only competitive under harsh environmental conditions but also has exceptional biocontrol capabilities.